Jennifer Lauletta

singer / musician  ♫  


Jennifer Lauletta

Jennifer Lauletta has an extensive history in music performance. She knew she was a singer from the start, and would need someone to accompany her. Instead, she picked up a guitar, taught herself to play, and began performing in local coffee houses of the time at open mics.



Her professional career began on the road with a floor-show band performing popular music, during which time she appeared as a soloist at the MGM Lion's Den Lounge in Las Vegas on the bill with Lou Rawls, Harold's Club in Reno, and Ye Little Club, among other nightclubs in the Los Angeles area.

 While on the road, Jennifer met the legendary Duke Ellington at the Al Hirt Club in New Orleans. To her surprise, he asked her to sing a song with his orchestra, while he played the piano for her. This for a girl who at one time couldn't find anyone to accompany her! 



After seven years of touring the country, Jennifer has returned to Louisville to form her own musical groups, including a variety of music: pop, rock, gospel and jazz. She loves studio work and has recorded six CDs. She is currently a member of the Pink Floyd tribute band Dark Side of the Wall, and sings "Great Gig in the Sky." 

Being familiar with so many excellent musicians has afforded Jennifer the ability to put together the best bands for all occasions, as she has been doing most of her musical career.  Stay tuned for her newest project: Jenny & Co., an acoustic combo.